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Cutting Down Your Guest List

Whittling down your guest list can seem like an impossible task but we have found a definite method to ensure that only the people who matter most are present! Three Things to Remember People will be offended: This is an unavoidable truth! You can either spend your time trying to…

Personality, Personality, Personality!

The first rule of events is “make it personal”! When your guests arrive at your event, your character and personality have to be all over it. From the location, to the decor, your event must reflect YOU!   The importance of personality cannot be overstated. In 2012, couples got married every two minutes in…

Event Planning Basics

If we were to take a poll for the question we are asked most,  “Where do I start?” would take first place every time! Hosting an event can be very daunting; apart from the stress of wondering whether your guests will attend, there are all the logistical nightmares that could occur….


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