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Cutting Down Your Guest List

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Cutting Down Your Guest List

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Taken from our ‘Plan Your Wedding’ toolkit. This is available on request!

Whittling down your guest list can seem like an impossible task but we have found a definite method to ensure that only the people who matter most are present!

Three Things to Remember

  1. People will be offended: This is an unavoidable truth! You can either spend your time trying to please everyone and having a wedding that either breaks the bank or is full of strangers OR you can cut your cloth according to your size
  2. You do not have justify your invite: Avoid getting into heated dialogue about the guest list with your partner, parents or pals. There is always room for negotiation and compromise but not at the expense of your happiness! Once your decision is made, make an effort to stick to it otherwise you will be frustrated and the length of the guest list will grow
  3. Option B: At the end of the day, everyone present should have contributed to your life or relationship in one way or another. If there are some people that fall within this category but there is no capacity for them due to funds or space, offer them an “after party” invite. They get to miss all the boring bits like the speeches and they get to enjoy the most fun parts: the cake and the dancing!

We hope you’re able to use the image above and our advice to have a seamless and stressless wedding!

Mae all your dreams come true

– TMC x

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