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Event Planning Basics

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Event Planning Basics

If we were to take a poll for the question we are asked most,  “Where do I start?” would take first place every time! Hosting an event can be very daunting; apart from the stress of wondering whether your guests will attend, there are all the logistical nightmares that could occur. We’re here to set your mind at ease and give you the three fundamentals of every event. Get these right and you’re well on your way for the event of the year!

Before you start, make a list of “non-negotiables”. This list should explore every element of the event! Think capacity, hourly rate, event duration, minimum spend, facilities, features and sentimental elements.


  1. Location. Location. Location. Is your venue easily accessible by public transport? Is there adequate parking?
  2. Does the hire rate fairly reflect the area where you’re holding the event? If you’re hosting an event in a local bar, the minimum spend shouldn’t be comparable with a central London venue.
  3. If you’re compromising an item on your “non-negotiable”, does the gain offered outweigh the importance of this factor for you?


  1. This element of your wedding will always be a point of discussion: whether it’s the portion size or the range on offer, your guests will offer commentary for weeks to come. For this reason, you need to stay true to your intuition and choose menu items that you like! Always remember to have a fulltasting session where you taste a sample of every food option on offer.
  2. What kind of food service would you prefer? Your two main options are buffet and waited service. There are a few pros and cons for each service so contemplate the duration of your dinner hour, the expense of having servers vs waiters and the type of food you are serving
  3. Does your budget allow for a three course meal? If not, get creative. Candy bars are the easiest set-ups to recreate. A few jars from eBay, a nice tablecloth and shedloads of sweet treats from any discount store or wholesaler.


  1. Music is featured in every aspect of your event. Think about it. As guests arrive, there’s music playing. Whilst your guests enjoy their meal, there’s music playing. After all the formalities are done and the dance floor is open, there’s music playing. Music definitely sets the tone so if you opt for a DJ, choose them wisely. Ask for examples of their work: online mixtapes, Soundcloud links and YouTube links.
  2. Once you’ve given your band or DJ a list of songs, trust them to carry the crowd. They are professionals and constantly slipping in requests stiffens their flow and undermines their ability to set the atmosphere!
  3. Bands and DJs are really predictable. If you want to add a little flare to your event, consider hiring a gospel choir, a comedian or mixologist.

Mae all your dreams come true!

– TMC x

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